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Dear Seeker/Creator/Desiree of Professional Web 2.0 Images:

pretty cool, huh?  
as the creation of outlandishly exciting and astonishing Web 2.0 logos, taglines, headings, words, article titles, banner text, background tiles, gradients, diagonal line patterns put you into an emotional frenzy filled with anxiety and stress due to the amount of time, money, and patience it will take to accomplish these tasks?


Does adding another Web 2.0 type graphic into your site, send a sense of helplessness and haunting chill throughout your entire body because you'll have to find some particular tutorial to walk you through step-by-step in Photoshop/Illustrator to do exactly what you want to do, not to mention the fact that you'll have to now own that particularly expensive software package to begin with?

Not to mention the time it will take to divert from your business - approximately 30 minutes - upwards of 2 hours per image - to create the exact image you want? Of course, if you're an expert in Photoshop/Illustrator, you STILL need a good 10-15 min. to develop a good well designed, professionally made image!

I'm stressed out just writing this to you... it sends shivers up my spine - as this used to describe me...

...But Not Anymore!

Hi, my name is Bill Ortell.

After nearly 9 years of professional programming experience, and nearly 4 years of becoming an overqualified internet marketer, site owner, and image creator [ I'll explain later ], I've spent literally over 10,000 hours (too numerous to count) creating images for clients (including my own sites) wanting very attractive logos, graphics, images for their websites.

I've created my own websites that I myself owned, administered, and built from scratch, that were responsible in generating over $1,200,000 in annual revenue, with a nice profit margin to boot. So, I've become quite an expert in the arena of programming, affiliate marketing, owning my own product, and in the design and creation of websites.

I loved internet marketing and still do to this day, but over the past 4 years in particular, I started focusing too much of my time on creating images/graphics that are attractive and trendy - and each time, it would require me to boot-up my 'old faithful' and favorite software packages like Photoshop/Illustrator to accomplish this.

In the process - I became an over-qualified internet marketer of sorts, knowing just about everything there is to know about graphics software programs like Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, and focusing less-and-less on my core business.

Are you and over-qualified internet marketer?! Over-qualified in the sense that you don't make money, get paid, earn moo-la for using the skillset that makes you over-qualified to begin with!

Are You Over-Qualified?
Do You Spend Too Much Time on Things That Don't Make You Money?

  • You know the best tutorial sites on the internet for using graphics editing software like Illustrator or Photoshop?

  • Your browser bookmarks and history is filled with tutorial sites, how-to's, on creating Web 2.0 text - with gloss, reflection, and shadows - along with a multitude of other features?

  • You own a copy of Photoshop/Illustrator and you use at least one of them every few days?

  • You not only have Adobe Photoshop, but Illustrator as well, and you use them to create simple images like text, and background stripes?

  • You know how to create shadows, reflections, gloss on an image/text-image, yet your core business has nothing to do with the creation of graphics whatsoever?

  • You focus more than 5% of your time on creating, finding, searching for awesome graphics to use - either on the 'net or your desktop?


If any of the above described you, then you are an over-qualified internet marketer.

It's alright, I too was once an over-qualified internet marketer. If you're not over-qualified yet, that's great! BUT, do not close this page or you will become one!

You're going to benefit from over 10,000 hours of design experience and avoid the 1,000's of wasteful hours in Photoshop/Illustrator by using what I've personally spent nearly 200 hours personally creating just for you to help you reclaim more time, money and energy to invest into your life and online business again, and not some time, money and CPU-memory consuming software program.

Creating Web 2.0 Images is
Not for the Faint of Heart

Creating a Web 2.0 type image isn't difficult to create at all!

But, I know what it's like spend hours creating those fancy Web 2.0 type images - hours that could be used to work on your core business and not spent on creating images that can be created in SECONDS - versus (for some) hours!

For those who are unfamiliar with what typically Web 2.0 images/text-images are like... they typically are created with glossies, shadows, reflections, and gradient colors/outlines at the very least! Let alone the different types of diagonal line patterns, dual gradients and other eye-popping features that make it truly unique and different from the rest!

Plus, it takes tenacity and skill - along with a extra does of patience and time to navigate through the countless tutorial sites, videos on 'how-to', and navigating through a limitless array of options within the countless menus, features and nuances of software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator... ALL IN THE NAME of producing a schnazzy, eye-popping Web 2.0 textual, rectangle with roundeded corners, or any other Web 2.0 type image.

Plus, even after hours of finding the right tutorial, using the same version of software you're using (ie. Photoshop/Illustrator), you might still find after beginning the tutorial that you've reached a point where a step was missed - or a consolidation of a few steps were missed, and now after 20-30 minutes, you're completely lost, frustrated and (now) back to "square one".

Been there, done that!

Until Now!

I now use this ONE SINGLE TOOL which expedites my logo, text, background, image creation tasks down to less than 1 minute! And, it produces beautiful Web 2.0 styled images that even I (as an advanced Photoshop/Illustrator user) am amazed at. And, YES, I use this tool now, all of the time! In fact, I open Photoshop 90% less since the creation of this tool!

You're about to experience a change that will totally revolutionize how you view and feel about making your site a very attractive one without having to spend a single dime to create high-quality, eye-pleasing, attractive, and professionally made images for your banners, backgrounds, text, and much more!



QuickWebCreations Online Web Application!

The Astonishingly Amazing Online Web Application that Will Revolutionize the Way you Think and Develop your Text, Background Tiles, and other Web 2.0 Type Images, Period!


QuickWebCreations Will Amaze You at How
Quickly You Will Create Web 2.0 Images

Attention Photoshop Users!! Anyone who's even attempted at using Photoshop/Illustrator or are an expert at it!

In the amount of time it takes for you to simply start Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and finally are able to begin to create a "New Canvas" for a new image, you could have created an amazing set of images ranging in options that include gradient backgrounds, unequal width diagonal line backgrounds, extremely professionally colored/tiled text, and any number of hundreds of variations using all of the other amazing features (with even more features in coming in the weeks ahead)!

If you have a mouse, and your clicking finger is A-O.K., then you'll be able to create images that will be the envy of all your visitors and onlookers.


Watch It In Action in This
Extremely Short Example Video

Warning! This video will make you never want to use Photoshop again to create
Eye-Popping and very Web 2.0 images - ever again!

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

video skin design using only 100%
QuickWebCreations generated images

Amazing, isn't it!?

Quite literally we created that glossy, reflective, single-gradient, double-outline, shadowed and (let's face it) really cool image in less time that it takes for you to get a refill on your cup-of-coffee... or translation for all the NON-coffee drinkers... LESS than 2 minutes to create - with a few simple clicks of the mouse!

OMG! Give it to me - I want


'Heck, Bill - I can do that!'

Do you hear it? I do! It's that part of the Do-It-Yourself part of your brain telling you - like it has always told you...

"You must become an expert in developing your own images!
You can do it all! Just Do-It-Yourself!

Yes! You can! And, I do did it for nearly 4+ years; I know what it's like to:

  • search and sift through hundreds of tutorials on over literally 100's of internet sites
  • make sure the tutorial is going to work on your version of the specific software being used [ie. Photoshop/Illustrator]
  • hope and pray that the tutorial was 100% complete with instructions
  • have to learn what Hot-Keys to press to get the desired effect
  • spend literally 5-7 minutes where to find a particular button/option in your graphics software package - and still not have it do what you want it to
  • have your image not come out even remotely close to the final product as shown in the tutorial
All for the sake of obtaining professional images for my new or current website! Oh yeah, and so I can say "I did it myself!"

Be Careful - Don't Kid Yourself

Any person who has ever followed ANY tutorial, used ANY graphics editor of any sort, tried to create any image at all knows that it takes time, money and lots of patience. And, YES, you will become an over-qualified, broke, time-wasting internet graphics person just like the countless others out there, unless you take action now to prevent it.

Did you establish an internet presence as a hobbie, where you could just waste all of your time, energy, money, and other resources learning how to simply create graphics? No offense, creating graphics that possibly no one would buy?

No, so make that the easy part of your business, and start doing what you really need to be doing - which is dreaming up, creating, developing and implementing new, fresh and exciting ideas for the web or in promoting your product!

... until now!

No, Bill! No more agony, please - I don't want to hear it - it scares me enough as it is... take me to the extremely Easy-to-Use,
Eye-Appealing, Web 2.0 Image Generator Now!

Just Look at All the Different Types
of Creations You Can Create

almost every one of them in under 20 seconds - with the ability to save your style or (if they allow it) use someone else's created style to build onto to make your own web creation

Each and every one of these examples take less than 10 seconds to generate - and less than 10 additional seconds to setup! We've included just a few - out of the literally thousands of variations you can and will create - that we have created just to test out all the capabilities of this QuickWebCreations site. While you may not want the font, colors or the type of gradient selected in these examples,... that's okay, it's for showing you just a few of the capabilities, besides, in a few moments you can make your own!

Create Your Own Web 2.0 Look and Feel

create your own OTO graphics sense of urgency through colors, and images instead of just plain text

Gradient Outline with Transparent Image - Stands Out... Literally!

gradient outlines, keeping interior transparent

Dual Gradients, Outlines, and Shadows, Oh My!

sense of urgency through colors, and images instead of just plain text sense of urgency through colors, and images instead of just plain text sense of urgency through colors, and images instead of just plain text

Text with Colors that Are Eye-Appealing and that Invoke Emotion

make it look like you spent 1 hour to create one image - only seconds with our system

Use Images to "Season" Your Site with Just the Right Spice!

set the mood with gradients, outlines, and font type - quickly!

Call to Action - Without Saying Anything Different

simple titles for newsletters or one-liners for blogs or affiliate marketing campaigns

Tired of Boring Evenly Spaced Diagonal Lines? Create Your Own!

unevenly divide your diagonal lines to give it a unique look and feel - don't be like everyone else!

Fancy Text, with Just a Touch of Gloss and Rich Colors

fancy it up a bit, with rich font, colors, outlines, gradients

Branding - is it all in a slogan?

use all of your options to get your brand across to the visitor

Quickly Put Newsletters Together - Without Cracking Open the Phot... (ahem!) Graphics Editor

simple - yet compelling

Stripe Generator On Steroids


Create a Nice Sticker Effect, Without Taxing Your Brain or Your CPU

stickers anyone?

'Reflect' the Sassy/Sophisticated You

large, classy and sassy

What? A Simple Banner Is All You Want?

create your own banners too

Makes a Quick and Catchy Billboard As Well

reflective billboard style

did we get yours?
Have we gotten yours???

I meant it, Bill! Just take me to the
'Web 2.0 Image Creation Promise Land'


Here's What You Get with Your
QuickWebCreations Membership

Instantly bring more credibility to your site - by making it more trendy, fresh, exciting and extremely pleasing to the eye!
Quickly create Web 2.0 images - with glosses, shadows, reflections, and much more within seconds of logging into the site.
Instantly, Free up hours of 'what was once lost' time - to truly develop your ideas, cultivating concepts, and implementing your solutions!
Save hundreds - if not, thousands - on web designer costs in creating images you now can create in (literally) seconds, including the glossies, shadows, reflections, and much more!
Free up time to truly develop your ideas, cultivating concepts, and implementing your solutions instead of being bogged down by issues like... now, I can't remember, how do I apply a gradient to the outline of an image? OR how does this gradient slider work anyways?
Spend approximately 30-120 minutes less per project you create by not having to watch your current graphics software package simply 'boot-up' and execute! AND... creating Eye-Candy for your websites in seconds!
Create amazing fill gradients, diagonal lines tiles to fill your image/text, or much more, without messing with tile creators or learning how or where to place pixels in your graphics processor to create these patterns from scratch. Also, IMMEDIATELY apply these gradients/patterns to an image or text for that polished look - is priceless in both time, money and CPU resources.
Eye-Pleasing, professional looking complex images or text for your website, salespage, blog, or digital scrapbook, is only a few seconds away, allowing you to try ideas for branding without taxing your wallet - with immediate visual results!
Spend less time exporting different formats of the same image - when all are quickly available to you at the 'tip of your mouse'. We create the PNG, GIF and JPEG format for you for each of your creations. After creating your images - you simply click one or all of the formats that you'd like to keep!
Quickly update your site with eye-poppingly attractive, and visually astonishing text titles to blogs, logos for new (or freshen your own) websites, or a simple sales/newsletter title!
Create STUNNING textual images that your friends will think you spent hundreds to have designed!
Create uniquely desiged diagonal line backgrounds, without having to become a pixel genius in using Photoshop/Illustrator! Not to mention on how much more time you'll have not trying to look for that perfect pattern that hopefully someone created so you can fill your text/image with.
More time to focus on what you do best - creating, developing, implementing your ideas without the worry and headache of 'how am I going to create my text logo for this web 2.0 market?
Free up an additional 2 minutes for each time you load up your current graphics editor, and free up your CPU without loading all of that extra software into memory... just to create a few quick images for your website.
Free up an additional 10-40 minutes per image, without having the need to search through countless tutorials on 'How-To-Do' [DIY] sites for Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
Easily Create complex Web 2.0 images with dual [ or more ] gradients, mulitple outlines along with drop-shadows, reflections, and glossies in less time that it takes to take 2 sips from your cup-a-java!
And much, much more!


Access to All of These Amazing Features to
the QuickWebCreations Site Is Yours at
for Only $27.00!

Never Before Seen - You're hearing about it HERE and NOW, first! Plus, never have I seen where a site has offered to take on the countless hours of work to create an easy-to-use web application for Only $27.00... except us, of course!
Free Support We provide not only an amazing HelpDesk and email support system, but I'm proud to say that many of our members have experienced one-on-one counseling on how to use the software for their particular project or website.

Many times we are complimented by how responsive and fast! our Customer Support really is!

Simply Join Now and Start Creating Your Images Immediately!

What's the catch?

There is none! I built this site because I was sick and tired of running to Photoshop/Illustrator to add ONE MORE IMAGE or create ONE MORE STYLE. In addition to forgetting where particular 'styles/patterns' were located, and remembering the 20-30 steps to create even the SIMPLEST of Web 2.0 images - let alone the more complex ones - I built this FOR MYSELF... initially!

Using QuickWebCreations Has Saved Me Countless Hours
in Creating Really Amazing Images for myself, my
customers and for Professional Websites!

And, I realized how many people out there really need to improve upon their websites... but probably get bogged down by tutorials, how-to's, looking for freebie patterns/styles - because they cannot build their own.

Let it stop here and now! The site makes it so painfully easy to create absolutely stunning Web 2.0 text and other types of images - that maybe we should've charged for it.


"Hours of frustration I've had using other programs"

I can' t tell you how many hours of frustration I've had using other programs to do just what you've created. You guys will be a huge success . . . No Question!

Paul Larson
New Road Marketing Inc.



"Are you feeling ok man?"


Are you feeling ok man?

I think you made a mistake on your salespage. I'll take it but are you kidding me!?! Are you kidding me!!!???

I just created a kick-butt header for my site that's better than any graphics I've paid for in the past, and the best part is, I did it in less than two minutes.

I know you always hear phrases like...

"I'm blown away!" "I wish I'd thought about that!" "Are you insane?"

Yada, yada... I'm tired of hearing them too, but my golly, this really is fantastic!

Let me ask you again Bill...

Are you feeling ok?

Now I'm going to try and convince my partner to promote this to our list. I'll be doing them a disservice by not letting them know about it.

Thanks for filling a hole in the market place, that needed to be filled a long time ago.

Stewart Alexander


"quickly, easily and affordably create graphics of the WEB 2.0 variety"

I've seen quite a bit in my internet travels. In fact I make a point to stay up on the latest and greatest products and services on the net. After seeing what you have put together, Bill, I have to say I haven't seen anything like your graphics solution that allows me to quickly, easily and affordably create graphics of the WEB 2.0 variety. You have filled a definite need for a very large market. I get requests weekly from my subscribers on how to build their graphics. I can now confidently point them in your direction.

Richard Wing


"Simply amazing! It couldn’t be any easier to use"

Simply amazing! It couldn’t be any easier to use and the results are extremely professional. I used it for the first time a few days ago, and within minutes I created a graphic for my new sermon series. I got so excited that I also created another one which added a real kick!, as I advertised a new exercise program in our church called, Cardio Kick. I plan on being a frequent flyer on this site. Thanks for doing all of the work and making my load lighter.

Michael S.
Southwestern Michigan, SFMC


"Puts many very expensive software packages to shame"

When I first saw this product in action, it was like coming home. I had thought of a product like this several months earlier, and it's like Bill read my mind. The astonishing graphics quality puts many very expensive software packages to shame!

The low price makes it a complete nobrainer to buy without a second thought.

I love it - thanks Bill! :)

Odinn Sorensen


"constructed a banner[logo] for my PR4 website within 3-4 minutes"

Theres only one word I can use to describe QuickWebCreations...WoW!. After easily creating my own image with awesome pre-set image settings, I constructed a banner[logo] for my PR4 website within 3-4 minutes! This is a very handy tool for any type of text and image creation i've seen in a decade. You can use the image creator to make simple page text for your website, or make a Enterprises' Banner with only several clicks. The best and meanest thing about QuickWebCreations, you can't only make the best image withing 5 minutes, but you can STORE the image inside it's website for later usage under your own personal account! Thats right, NO MORE IMAGESHACK, it's all in one website now.

Daniel H.


Okay, I've Done the Hard Part, Now You Can Just
Your Way to Phenomenally
Attractive Web 2.0 Images

Make more money with astoundingly attractive Web 2.0 images on your website - in just a few clicks! And, reduce your headaches, fears, anxiety attacks and confusion with trying to do it all yourself - without help. Allow yourself to get the help you need, and so desperately deserve and join today!

No more worries about 'how did they do that' - it's simply at your fingertips and only seconds away!
Easily create astonishing Web 2.0 Text with gloss, shadow, reflections, with an assortment of other features - with more released in coming days ahead! Including gradient glosses of different shapes and sizes - elliptical, rectangular, and others - you know, the stuff that can literally make you pull your hair out to per-fect!
Regain your freedom to focus on what you do best - creative ideas, development, implementation of strategies... not getting stuck on menus, hot-keys, and tutorials, trying to simply recreate a gloss - which takes all of a 'click' using our software.
Create multiple gradients, multiple diagonal lines, or even a transparent text with a gradient outline without knowing any tricks!
Quickly design/freshen a blog, website, or any other images/design in literally a few minutes!

Does Your Time Using Photoshop/Illustrator and
Rummaging On the Internet for Images
Make You Money??

We're not going to go ahead and add a 20-200 feature list to this page, as that really is not the issue [ although, the options - if listed - would keep you reading for at least up to 5 minutes ].

The real issue revolves around - how many more hundreds of hours are you going to give up! in the name of following out-of-date, wrong version, hard-to-follow, difficult (sometimes) to implement tutorials?

We already know that you want to have a website that is trendy, hip, eye-candy that has that special something that people cannot put their finger on, but it makes them want to stay and come back again!

It Stops Here, And It Stops Now!
Stop holding your ourageously exciting and brilliant ideas captive, and exorcise that demon inside and release yourself from that bondage now!

Spend more time on your content and make your site irresistible! But don't spend any more waking [ or resting ] hours thinking about the challenge in creating extremely attractive web 2.0 styled images for your site.

Oh, By the Way...
We're Not Sure How Long We Will
Keep This at Only $27.00!

Think we're kidding around with that statement? Well, we used to sell this exact membership for only $6.97 - and as a result, they have been grandfathered into future developments and programs.

As a result of all the additional features we're adding, we're not sure how long we'll be able to keep it at this price either, so claim your copy today!

Right Now... 3,000 Memberships Have
Already Been Purchased

QuickWebCreations offers such an easy 'point-n-click' ease of use, we have numerous design professionals who actually use our site all of the time to create professional logos for their sites!

We know that you'll be very impressed with our site, and the ability to create images so quickly, you'll never touch a tutorial or open up Photoshop/Illustrator for a long, long time!

Extra features like creating those "sun-ray" type Web 2.0 images { on the fly }, creating { on the fly } polaroid photos of images/photos/anything with a selected background (diagonal lines, gradient, etc.), and much more!

When all of those additional features come out - they will make this membership worth a lot more and we will DEFINITELY not be able to keep it at a mere $27.00!

Grab Your Copy Now and Be Grandfathered Into Any New Features,
Before We Raise the Price Again!

It's either that - or back to the tutorial sites/forums... good luck with that!

Start creating your images, it's addictive how cool you can make them. Tell me your stories, please! That's what makes all this possible and worth it.

Start Creating Your Own Images in the
Next 2 Minutes Now for Only $27.00!

who else did you expect? With Sincerest Invitation
to Make Easy Eye-Candy Images,

   who else did you expect?

My status Want this Completely Easy, Point-N-Click Solution, but Have a Last Minute Question? I'd Ask Me Now... We May Close Membership Soon... Just Ask Me via Skype!

P.S. This will place you on the Web 2.0 map for your site if you use the quick and easy-to-use online site we've prepared for you. This is an amazing opportunity to pay a small fee to have unlimited access to Creating Instant Web 2.0 Images Online Immediately!

P.P.S. If you don't join and at least take the plunge - for only $27.00! - you'll be stuck spending countless hours searching for quality tutorials, and paying WAY TOO MUCH for fancy Web 2.0 images forever!

Bill Ortell
6712 N. Charlesworth | Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Phone: 313.730.8907 | Online Support